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Tuesday | 30 August, 2011 | 12:29 pm

Climatic coating

By Julie Sammarco

July 2011 - Hawaii’s residents see 3,041 annual hours of sunshine, but the state also is subject to acid rain, volcanic ash, sea air, fog and mildew. Not every coating system can hold up there. Trump International Hotel & Towers, Honolulu, and Hawaii Preparatory Academy, Waimea, Hawaii, are using a resin coating system that can withstand this kind of climate and cut costs on energy and maintenance.

Toughness aside, these two buildings also need to look good. Dr. Mike Hong, a chemist and CEO of Dura Coat Products Inc., Riverside, Calif., has made it his goal to create coating systems that are chemically designed to be harder, more flexible, more resistant to abrasions and stains and more economically friendly due to their cool-roof top-coat pigments. This means less scratching, scuffing and marring during installation, a reduced carbon footprint and smaller maintenance bills because of lower electricity usage and cleaning costs.

One coating system is a PVDF, made with polyvinylidine fluoride. The other is a custom hybrid, a silicone modified polyester.

DuraCoat-140px-2Durapon 70 is a paint system that combines 70 percent polyvinylidine fluoride and DuPont Teflon to offer long-term color protection and gloss retention for roofing, sidewall, trim and extrusions applications in the architectural, commercial, residential and agricultural industries. It’s hard, flexible and easy to maintain because of its resistance to abrasion and staining and ability to sustain even the most extreme climates.

XT-40 Ceranamel is a custom hybrid polyester coating system designed for HVAC, office furniture, transportation, appliance, building product applications and most coil coating and aluminum extrusions.

Both products are similar in many ways, but there are some distinctions - like price.

"PVDFs are the BMW and Mercedes-Benz of the coating industry; SMPs and custom hybrids are like Buicks," says Kevin Ebert, vice president at Dura Coat Products. "The way the coatings industry works is you have three tiers of qualities of coating. The PVDF is the best that we know of; it is the premiere coating. The second tier, which Ceranamel falls under, serves the construction market, residential and light commercial."

Custom hybrid polyesters and silicone modified polyesters are not as strong as PVDFs, chemically, but are ideal for applications that do not require long-term field performance. Knowing each customer’s need and budget is unique, Dura Coat Products made the effort to provide coating systems for several budgets. "Though there is a difference in cost in hybrid and in PVDF, we have different price ranges for different peoples’ needs," says Ebert.

Block chalking, fading
XT-40 Ceranamel is both hard enough to resist scratching and flexible enough to bend without cracking. When the ceramic/porcelain-type finish is applied over the primer, this hybrid polymer coating with silicone forms a rock-hard surface that protects against transit and installation damage.

Smoothness is also a quality that keeps products coated with Ceranamel looking sleek and clean. When preparing products with Ceranamel, Gordon Locke, purchasing and sales representative, Alpine Building Material, Eugene, Ore., says keeping up with the sheets was a challenge.

"The sheets flew off the stack so quickly that we had to run and get them," he says. "The paint was that smooth."

Ceranamel also resists environmental weathering because of a polyester resin, which blocks chalking, fading and harsh weather. It also has a high-quality exterior grade and ceramic pigmentation, applied as a two-coat primer/finish system, to ensure long-term high ultraviolet radiation color and gloss retention. This system allows for a smooth finish, making mold and mildew easy to remove.

Inhibiting corrosion
PVDF coating systems have been in the industry for more than 40 years. Many consist of a PVDF resin, an acrylic resin and ceramic pigments. Durapon 70 has the same but adds a corrosion-inhibitive primer, a Hylar 5000 resin, a specially formulated topcoat or color and DuPont Teflon surface protector to comprise its total system, which makes the coating hard and smooth. Lloyd Toriano, manager at Custom Metal Roofing, a division of HPM Building Supply, Kapolei, Hawaii, switched to Durapon 70 because it was "a tougher product."

"We were looking for a more durable product," he says. "We have a unique environment - acid rain, lots of mildew that all needs to be washed off. The Durapon 70 is more durable, and the Teflon in the paint made it much easier to clean." Teflon makes the surface slick, allowing materials, such as dust and acid rain, that land on it to slide off easily. "I think our customer is getting a better product," he continues. "It performs better in the environment. That’s the whole reason why we changed."

A product that’s considered tough for Hawaii’s climate is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity in that state and others with extreme climates. Oregon’s Department of Transportation uses Durapon 70 along with Christ The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Salem, Ore., and other buildings in the area.

Cool-roof properties - which reflect sunlight and heat away from a building, reducing roof temperature - in Durapon 70 allow these buildings to reduce costs and contribute to the product’s popularity. An example of these savings can be seen in Hawaii Preparatory Academy’s use of Durapon 70. The 6,100-square-foot fully sustainable school is powered by solar energy and made of recyclable materials. It uses photovoltaics, a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity, and wind turbines to produce its own energy. It also harvests rainwater for reuse and draws on trade wind for natural ventilation. The building received the 2010 Excellence in Design & Members Choice Award from Honolulu’s American Institute of Architects and meets Energy Star requirements. Durapon 70 covers this building’s roof and contributes to the building’s green efforts.

"A lot of technology went into that paint. It’s doing a lot of people a lot of good because it’s saving them money on maintenance and energy costs, which really means everyone is benefitting from it because pollution is down," says Toriano.

Durapon 70 and XT-40 Ceranamel are not "me-too" coating systems, says Ebert. Through "research, test data and application, Dura Coat Products has created products that are differentiated from what has historically been seen in the field," he notes. By reducing the carbon footprint, helping customers lower expenses on air conditioning, heating, electricity, cleaning costs and creating a good-looking product, both Durapon 70 and XT-40 Ceranamel are making a lot of people happy, which pleases Hong.

"We take pride in helping solve our partners’ problems," he said in a press release. "When everyone wins, when everyone benefits - you know the team is doing solid work." MM



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