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Wednesday | 13 March, 2013 | 9:19 am

Finding the right fit

By Modern Metals' staff

Metric-sized metals are Parker Steel’s specialty

March 2013 - When looking for a metals supplier, there are a number of options to choose from throughout the United States. However, if you’re looking for metric sizes, the selection is much more limited. Fulfilling a unique need in the marketplace, Parker Steel Co, Toledo, Ohio, offers a variety of metal types and grades in metric sizes.

When Paul Goldner, son of Leo Goldner, the founder and CEO of the original Parker Steel Co., set out to reopen his father’s business, he did some research into customer needs. After sending out flyers to potential customers asking for requests for metric products, he got some response. From that pool, Paul Goldner decided what to offer and purchased 129 line items to support the initial list of responses. 

The company found customers were forced to either do value-added manufacturing, because of a lack of a metric source, to inch-sized product. That meant customers needed to grind or machine down inch sizes to metric sizes, a time-consuming process. Another solution involved purchasing a large minimum quantity of metric product from overseas, which often meant waiting weeks or months to receive the product.

As time went on and word spread about Parker Steel’s offerings, the company was able to expand its offerings and now offers nearly 6,000 different line items. Although demand for metric-sized materials has grown at a slow rate, Parker is able to meet demand easily due to its large available inventory. 

Calculated and certified

Parker Steel also has C-TPAT certification, requiring not only Parker Steel to abide by clearly defined procedures and policies but also its international suppliers. “These commitments enhance the security of our international shipments,” says Jerry Hidalgo, president. “It is similar to our implementing ISO 9001, but focused on import shipments.”

The company has three separate facilities: two in Toledo, Ohio and one in Fresno, Calif. Parker Steel not only houses a large inventory of metric-sized metals but also provides customers with production cuts, shearing and laser cuts for plate material. “We pride ourselves on 96 percent of the time, we will ship the ordered product on the same day that the order is placed,” Hidalgo says.

“Our policy of always striving to answer customer calls in three rings or less is just one component of our customer satisfaction philosophy,” Hidalgo says. “We make our staffing decisions based on requirements to successfully service our customers at a high level.”MM

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