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For over 35 years Canrack has been custom engineering systems for Metal Service Centers to improve the productivity, quality and safety of their storage, material handling, order selection and packaging functions. We take a system approach by asking the important questions about your unique needs and create solutions tailored to your expectations. Every system is focused on improving your Safety, Quality and Productivity.

Safety – Canrack equipment uses an operator’s intelligence and dexterity rather than physical strength. It is ergonomically designed to avoid repetitive strain injuries, reduce fatigue and maximize use of your existing equipment.

Quality – Our equipment is designed to preserve the quality of surface critical material, despite handling and processing in unforgiving metals environments. We believe systems can generally never be heavy enough and thus strive to improve every machine we manufacture.

Productivity – Canrack equipment can be operated by as little as one person, while improving the working environment. All systems are designed to increase pounds per man-hour and reduce labor costs with attractive ROIs that lead to easy investment decisions.

Here are some of the things we do:

Bundle Splitter for sheet order filling


  • Pick sheet orders efficiently and totally scratch free and without lifting
  • Allows your CTL to run master stacks for tonnage increase of 15-30 percent

Racking and Storage systems tailored to your inventory mix


  • Reduce material damage and eliminate manual handling
  • Improve output and safety, reduce labor costs

Bar Order Filling and Packaging Stations


  • Order filling and packaging in 3-4 minute cycles
  • Eliminate heavy lifting, increase productivity

Accu-Cut CNC Shear Feed Table improves accuracy, saves time


  • Feed up to 1/4 in. sheet, hold and shear to +/-0.005 in. tolerance
  • Touch screen electronics eliminates setup time and need for front/back gauges

Canrack is the name to trust for innovative and cost-effective material handling solutions backed by comprehensive performance guarantees. Our track record of successful equipment spans over 35 years across North America.


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