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Koike Aronson offers manufacturers and metal workers dozens of ways to improve profitability with a line of high-quality welding positioners and metal cutting products that is among the broadest in the world. Every one of our models is designed to deliver many years of efficient production.

The area where we’ve always stood apart, however, is service:  Koike Aronson has always been the only company whose machines are serviced, if needed, by the same experts who build them. By making our most skilled craftsmen available to you, we minimize your downtime and protect your investment. 

Cutting Machines

Koike Aronson offers one of the industry’s most extensive lines of cutting machines. Choose from oxyfuel, plasma, waterjet or laser systems for optimum performance, then match the cutter with one of our CNC controls for added precision and versatility.


The Plate-Fab cutting machine features a unitized downdraft or water table design which gives fabricators more precision and more production options at a lower cost.

Portables and Gas Apparatus

Our portable equipment line includes a wide array of cutting and welding machines for many different applications. Each delivers the same type of high quality results and manufacturing savings as our larger machines. Koike Aronson torches, tips, couplings, and regulators also deliver the same value as our bigger equipment by delivering long service life and safe operation.


No matter what size the piece, no matter what angle you need, Koike Aronson/Ransome has a positioner that will do the job efficiently. Our many models can handle standard parts or awkward objects in any shape from 100 lbs to 4 million lbs.


Koike's fastest abrasive water jet cutting system yet. The K-Jet is designed for reliable, precise cutting of nearly any material.

Ransome Welding Equipment

Our unique Koike Aronson/Ransome welding equipment provides horizontal or vertical welding while riding on the part being welded. They’re ergonomically designed for convenience, accessibility, and efficiency. 

Whether your operation is large or small, Koike Aronson equipment can help make you more productive. Find out more by giving us a call at 800-252-5232. Or visit our website at

Koike Aronson
Arcade, New York
phone: 800/252-5232
fax: 585/457-3517


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