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Since 1903 Peddinghaus Corporation has proudly served the steel construction, plate fabrication, and metal working industries with the most innovative equipment on the market. Under its fourth generation of Peddinghaus family management, Peddinghaus is dedicated to engineering expertise focused on machine productivity, efficiency and innovation. 

Paul F. Peddinghaus passed the company that he had founded to his son Paul C. Peddinghaus in 1930. While Paul C. maintained the production of the original products, he encouraged his employees to create innovative designs that would meet the new needs of their ever-growing clientele. 

In 1974 Dr. Carl U. Peddinghaus guided the company through years of growth and was integral in the development of the Peddinghaus benchmark products for structural steel fabrication: the CNC beam drill and saw lines. 

In 2001 the introduction of the fourth generation to Peddinghaus Management took place with Carl G. “Anton” Peddinghaus managing the Corporate Headquarters in the USA, and Julia C. “Cilla” Peddinghaus overseeing European Operations. They both strive to continue the family tradition by creating the best tools for the 21st century fabrication industry. 

From the beginning, Peddinghaus Corporation established itself as a company based on quality in all aspects of operation.

Featured Product: Peddi XDM-630

Another industry-first from Peddinghaus, the Peddi XDM-630 multi-spindle drill/saw comines carbide drilling, miter sawing, 4-axis scribing, tapping, countersinking and milling (slot and cope) in one machine. No operator intervention necessary to continually process 24"/600 mm parts on this productive, yet space-saving innovation. Utilizing ultra-modern "PeddiMatic" technology, the operator can monitor functions for loading, processing, offloading, trim cut and part removal.

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