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GEORG goes beyond only designing and manufacturing standard finishing lines. With a passion for technology, our lines have been designed and manufactured for sustainable efficiency: with extremely short set-up times, easy operation with low personnel and perfect, process-controlled operations. We at GEORG have been developing technical solutions for generations to meet the technical challenges of tomorrow. The company history begins in 1948 and even today, GEORG still is a family owned business. 

GEORG’s long term relationship with customers also relies on high quality technology made in Germany. A foundation of trust between customer and supplier leads to success. With forward-looking investments in GEORG equipment we put our customers in the positions to enter new business areas, to increase their production volume and at the same time set standards on the market. 


In order to achieve the high customer demands regarding speed, high or thin strip thickness and ultra-high tensile strength GEORG develops special line configurations for every application. Slitting, cut-to-length, multi-blanking and also edge trimming and inspection lines belong to the GEORG product portfolio. Single aggregates as leveling machines which can be extended by several leveling cassettes to achieve a perfectly flat material e.g. for laser quality application and also edge trimming shears even in a double head version for continuous running lines belong to our product range. 

GEORG has been working in the aluminum, steel and copper business for several decades. The combination of several materials on one line is a challenge which GEORG is aware of and also provides solutions. Moreover GEORG also is active in the field of transformer lines and machine tools. Those three business fields are the pillars of success. 


Transformer division is successful thanks to the persistent demand from the energy sector. This division is a very important pillar in the portfolio of GEORG. Those machines are designed in order to cut grain oriented silicon steel so that transformer manufacturers all over the world can make their cores. 

Machine tool division provides machines for special applications, e.g. for turning, milling and drilling. A few years ago roll grinding machines were included in the product range after gaining enough experience from modernizations of existing equipment.

Georg entered into a close partnership with Capco Machinery and founded a new company with the name Georg Capco, Inc. With this new company, Georg creates synergies of both product portfolios and offers an even wider range, especially in the field of roll grinders, to our worldwide customers.

Roanoke, Virginia
phone: 540/977-0404
fax: 540/977-2781

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