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Ideal investment

By Colin Linneweber

Above: From raw materials to a finished product, the machine enhances the cutting shop’s productivity and improves profits.

Suite of high-capacity band saws amplify service center’s productivity

October 2016 - “The world is changing very fast,” said media mogul Rupert Murdoch. “Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” It has been true for media and it’s true in complex manufacturing.

Speedy Metals, an online industrial metal supply company with locations in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan, distributes aluminum alloys, copper and brass, carbon hot-rolled and cold-rolled sheet, stainless and tool steels. Speedy Metals also operates sawing, shearing and cutting equipment that can cut parts down to 0.03 inches on production sawing orders. Speedy Metals’ Operations Manager Bob Benson and his colleagues came to believe the company needed an efficient and durable band saw that could withstand the rapid, even hectic, production schedule.

“We had been searching for a reasonably priced, high-production band saw to add to our saw department and boost our production,” says Benson. “We needed a reliable band saw that was going to stand up to the rigors of our fast-paced environment.”

After researching multiple machinery builders and band saw models, Benson contacted DoAll’s Midwest factory regional manager, Vince Lewandowski, to discuss its menu of manual, semi-automatic and automatic metalworking band saws.

Benson told Lewandowski that Speedy Metals was seeking machinery that could fabricate parts for their customers in a timely and dependable manner. Lewandowski recommended the DC420NC band saw. According to Lewandowski, the DC420NC is “a production band saw that is able to cut up to 16-inch rounds.” This model is exceptionally reliable and its reliability would minimize unnecessary downtime and maximize Speedy Metals’ uptime and performance, according to Lewandowski. From raw materials to a finished product, the machine would enhance the cutting shop’s productivity and raise profit margins.    

“The controller is very user-friendly,” says Lewandowski. “Plus, the saw gives them more capacity than the saw they initially wanted to buy and it is more cost-effective. The DC420NC metal cutting band saw is a great investment.”

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Speedy Metals was seeking machinery that could fabricate parts for customers in a timely and dependable manner.

Test run

The saw’s multiple capabilities were attractive. Benson used one machine on a 30-day trial basis. Following the testing period, Benson was extremely impressed with the DC420NC and he ultimately bought the machine that was used for the trial and an additional 10 machines over a span of six months.

“The DC-420NC Production Band Saw is quick, dependable and easy to set up,” says Benson. “The 16.5-inch capacity gives Speedy Metals the ability to cut a broad range of metals. The nesting capabilities allow us to bundle cut multiple bars at a time, which increases our production times. Also, the variable vise pressure allows us to precisely cut thin-walled tubing to size. The DC-420NC has been invaluable to Speedy Metals mainly because of its versatility and reliability.”

Benson believes the DC-420NC has afforded Speedy Metals a significant advantage over its metal processing competitors.  

“The DC-420NC gives Speedy Metals a competitive edge over other companies in our industry by allowing us to continuously offer same-day shipping on quality parts and customized saw cuts to the closest tolerances that our customers request,” says Benson. “Speedy Metals stocks over 8,000 grades, shapes and sizes. Whether we are cutting aluminum, stainless, brass, bronze, alloy, carbon or structurals, the DC-420NC’s flexibility and reliability has proven to be an invaluable addition to our saw department.”

Capital consideration

Benson wanted to augment Speedy Metals’ production to meet customers’ potential demands while bolstering earnings and maintaining a secure work environment. Benson and Lewandowski worked closely to achieve Speedy Metals’ goals. “We sold (Benson) the most effective and efficient metal cutting band saw for their needs and this machinery has saved Speedy Metals time and capital costs,” Lewandowski says.

DoAll Sawing Products, established in 1927, has manufacturing and sales facilities in the U.S., Australia, Europe, Mexico and Canada. Besides saws, DoAll supplies cutting fluids, diamond tooling products and industrial sawing machines for high production, general-purpose, miter cutting, vertical contour, and custom engineered sawing solutions. The vendor proved to be the ideal business partner for Bob Benson and Speedy Metals. 

As John Milton wrote, “To thy speed add wings.” The DC-420NC is the fastest route to profitable sawing and has prepared Speedy Metals to handle a world that is changing very quickly. MM

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