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Twisted steel

[h/t DesignBoom, all images © David Franck]

Berlin-based architecture firm Barkow Leibinger has designed the new headquarters for laser and machine technology company TRUMPF in Warsaw, Poland.

December 2016 - The design of TRUMPF’s industrial space combines a straightforward form with complex surface finishes. Barkow Leibinger illustrated this through the use of gleaming and twisted steel fins which wrap the façade of the building, creating a soft gradient. Each fin has been laser-cut and folded to widen and narrow over their 10 meter span. The construction itself is two-stories and features office space and an expansive showroom for product presentation.


Fins are cut and folded to widen and narrow over their 10 meter length.

The site is located next to a highway that allows quick access to the airport and the surrounding area. Both the interior and exterior of the building are characterized by an economic use of industrial materials. The courtyard roof garden is bordered towards the showroom with U-profile translucent thermally insulated glass, while the load-bearing structure is left visible from within the building. In the office area, where the cores and emergency staircases can be found, the frame has been executed in solid reinforced concrete, while the double-height open area is constructed with a black-painted steel skeleton.


The scheme’s interior configuration is oriented circumferentially around the slightly off-centered courtyard garden on the upper floor. The building is split into two levels, housing offices, conference rooms, and an employee cafeteria. At the intersection of these zones, the southeast corner of the building contains the foyer with a reception desk.


The components are made from laser-cut, square-edged stainless steel sheets.

Opposite, in the northwest corner, the open showroom steps down into a single-height space displaying an array of products and machining heads alongside examples of their application. Above this, reachable via an open staircase, a glass gallery provides a spacious room for client meetings and receptions, allowing views into the showroom below.

[h/t DesignBoom, all images © David Franck]

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