Thursday | 29 December, 2016 | 1:15 pm

Our top stories of 2016

By Modern Metals' staff

As we wrap up 2016, we look back on a year that brought us a trove of great Modern Metals stories. We've rounded up the top 10 stories that resonated with you, our readers.

0d3f176339fdb75205facdcc90255f46_XL.jpg WOMEN IN METALS
1. Celebrating the movers and shakers who have thrived and wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else
7dddcaa70e69bafbdc4ab1dec4d0ae4c_XL.jpg SERVICE CENTERS
2. Standing by vendors, customers and employees creates formula for success at Ratner Steel 
17085af1ac88b9579a7412609f8a7483_XL.jpg COIL PROCESSING
3. In Mexico, a steel processor equips itself to meet tougher requirements 
b12abb76b9c9d94c40a0ddcb440a649c_XL.jpg ENERGY
4. Lake Erie’s Project Icebreaker relies on a novel method of setting steel wind turbine foundations
2d4da8ffc3004f1a8475eb96a68de3bb_XL.jpg SERVICE CENTERS
5. Not every one got so spooked by 2015 that they buried the piggy bank 
MM-0416-aluminum-lead2.jpg ALUMINUM
6. Breaking the mold, service center pushes against constraints to become one of a kind
7532330f4d43f4daa4c909bf6ee3380d_XL.jpg NANOTECHNOLOGY
7. On the precipice of commercialization, a steelmaking process combines immense strength with formability
fbacf34ebe2b9a9376a661717fb58373_XL.jpg ALUMINUM
8. An aluminum producer and an upper-tier automotive supplier fast forward with multi-material strategies
ee2674492f20eb0a8505097363c295c2_XL.jpg SURFACE INSPECTION
9. Camera system classifies coating defects, improves safety, reduces quality claims 

10. Chicago’s Navy Pier gets a facelift with Dutch-built giant Ferris wheel

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Renewing and rebuilding harbors and marine structures smooths pathways for internal shipping, international trade.


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