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OMAX Corporation designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced abrasive waterjet technology at its headquarters in Kent, Washington. Backed by unmatched support and powered by the company’s intuitive control software, OMAX and MAXIEM JetMachining Centers bring affordable performance to a continuously expanding range of industries. Utilizing the latest technology advancements for decreased downtime and faster cutting speeds in virtually all materials, OMAX waterjets are ideal for production runs, tooling, short-runs and prototyping.



Designed for a wide range of machining needs, the MAXIEM 1530 cuts virtually any material quickly and efficiently without heat-affected zones, eliminating the need for secondary operations and maximizing profitability. The rigid tank is scaled to handle common plate sizes for maximum versatility, while the extensive range of accessories, including a 5-axis cutting head, customizes the 1530 to meet the cutting needs of any industry. Backed by unmatched support and powered by the company’s intuitive control software, this easy to use machine delivers faster cutting speeds and increased uptime, helping you redefine what’s possible in manufacturing.


Omax Corp.
Kent, Wash.
phone: 253/872-2300
fax: 253/872-6190

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