New start for INGENIA thanks to ASMAG – Joint projects in the works

Above: The Ingenia lifting- / lowering station is tailor made for the hot dip galvanizing industry and is one of the main components within the Ingenia material handling systems. Photo source: INGENIA GmbH.

February 21, 2017 - The ASMAG Group, based in Scharnstein, Austria and INGENIA, specialist for crane and handling technology located in Linz, have been working closely together since August 2016. This has ensured the continuation of INGENIA. On February 1, ASMAG acquired the shares in INGENIA and the first joint projects are already in the works.

“I am excited by the quality of their crane and handling technology, their professional approach, and the commitment at INGENIA. It was quickly clear to me that there was a great deal of potential in combining our efforts.” Johann Vielhaber, owner of the ASMAG Group, on its acquisition of INGENIA. 

What has been whispered among insiders this past autumn has finally became fact in December 2016. As of 1 February 2017 ASMAG has acquired INGENIA. “Right from the beginning, we saw so many synergies, in areas of technology and planning, plant engineering and machinery manufacturing that are advantageous for both companies,” enthused Rudolf Geiersberger, founder of INGENIA, on the merger and continuation of ingenia-2-21-17-2.jpgoperations. Also starting from beginning of February, the management is stronger with the addition of Ms. Andrea Möslinger (pictured). So INGENIA is back, and stronger than before. 

Synergies for new markets 

The combination of the two companies expands the service offerings and product portfolios of both, representing real added value for the customer. On the one hand, ASMAG benefits from INGENIA’s high-end materials handling technology. On the other hand, INGENIA gains access to ASMAG’s manufacturing, purchasing, and sales structures, which will enable it to expand its international marketing activities.  

Sound development 

This bundling of technological know-how enables INGENIA to expand its established core business of crane and handling technology, and manufacture of hot dip galvanizing plants, to now include handling systems that can link production lines in the steel tube and non-ferrous metals industry. Most importantly, the merger will mean an expansion of the core business of both companies and their ability to utilize synergies and tap into new market segments. 

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