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MC Machinery Systems, Inc. delivers a unique customer experience. It begins with the superior quality of our products and technologies, and it comes to life through the dedication and support of our people. We field a robust and experienced team of sales, service and applications experts − there is always a quality person there to help you. The Mitsubishi Experience is our genuine dedication to ingenuity, innovation and productivity, and the experience grows every day as we work with our customers to be the best manufacturers in the world.

Featured Item: EX-F 8KW Zoom Fiber Laser

The eX-F80 eliminates the need for beam adjustment and alignment thanks to an all-in-one head design including numerous features to support high-kilowatt inputs and increased cutting capacities. Features like the ability to manipulate the beam mode to cut thin and thick material automatically and multiple sheet thickness cutting capacity for up to as much as 1-inch mild steel without any set up come standard on the system. The eX-F80’s Zoom Cutting Head’s all-in-one design includes an Auto Focus Focal Range from 3.75 to 10 inches, HPP Pierce Technology and is backed by the industry’s best magnetic breakaway Fiber head. More info >

MC Machinery Systems Inc.
Elk Grove Village, Illinois
phone: 630/616-5900
fax: 630/860-2572


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