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A vertically integrated manufacturer of custom optical components specializing in thin-film coatings, precision machined and polished optical elements. ULC is ISO 9001:2008 certified and ITAR registered and features state-of-the-art metrology. Our commitment to quality provides you the one-stop solution for UV Mid IR optical component requirements. Established: 1916

Featured Product: Debris Shields


Debris Shields can greatly extend the service life of high power refractive or reflective optics. They safeguard your laser’s optics against dust, shrapnel, fumes, and other pollutants. Debris Shields are vital to the success of your laser applications. United Lens offers a wide selection of in stock and customer Debris Shields.


Each shield has an exceptional damage threshold and transmitted wave front distortion. As well as having ultra-low reflectivity that can be set to your desired wavelength, including 1070nm, which is the wavelength most frequently used by modern industry professionals.

United Lens Company, Inc.
Southbridge, Mass.
phone: 508/765-5421
fax: 508/765-0500

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