Updated Scotchman Catalog

Screenshot-2017-02-21-15.45.49.jpgScotchman updated their product catalog with the latest machines and features in their 50th year serving the heavy metal manufacturing industry.

Inside the latest catalog, you’ll find information on capacities and specifications of all Scotchman cold saws, ironworkers, and other machines we offer. There's also breakdowns of attachments and optional features to expand on what your Scotchman can do.

What's new?

The brand new catalog now features both of Scotchman's new-and-improved 50-ton Scotchman ironworkers and updates to their auto measuring system offerings.

New in this version, learn the difference between the 50514-EC and 5014-ET Scotchman ironworkers - from the number of stations to the throat depth of these single operator models. Go over the updated capacities and specifications information to determine which of our upgraded machines is best for your shop.

And flip (or scroll) to page 35 to see how the RG Stop System connects to Scotchman ironworkers, providing you capability as a “go to” stop or as a semi-automatic push feed system. Using Windows-based touch screen controls, the system can be mounted to feed left to right or right to left and is available in lengths from 8 ft. to 30 ft.


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