Gerdau to make larger "clean steel" blooms at Monroe mill

January 29, 2018 -  Gerdau’s special steel mill in Monroe, Michigan, will transition to a 240 mm square bloom as part of an overall initiative to enhance the steel cleanliness  necessary for evolving critical applications in the automotive market and other industries. This project, to be completed by September, enhances the capability of a continuous casting machine that was originally installed in 2012.

“The global push for energy efficiency and stricter CO2 emission regulations has significantly increased the importance of clean steels in the automotive industry,” says Luis Colembergue, vice president of sales and technology at Gerdau’s North American special steel division. “The need for high-strength steel parts with lightweight design, increased fatigue life and performance is more important than ever.”

The switch to a larger section size will result in a greater reduction ratio, improved surface quality and cleaner steel with fewer inclusions. The company recently invested in diagnostic equipment to evaluate improvement in steel cleanliness, including the latest automated scanning electron microscopy (SEM), image analysis for extreme value analysis (EVA) and ultrasonic immersion testing equipment with low-, medium- and high-frequency capability.

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