Restoration and revitalization

By Modern Metals' staff

April 2009- Renovation can be daunting. Often, with buildings built decades ago, the skeleton of the structure isn't necessarily conducive to a makeover, making demolition a realistic option.

To offer an alternative, Kalzip Inc., Michigan City, Ind., has introduced a series of products that ease renovation by allowing construction firms or designers to install insulation and revamp exteriors without taking down walls. And with a variety of systems available for a range of styles and applications, the company's roofs, facade and foldable offerings are becoming increasingly popular.

Working with what you've got
Kalzip is committed to offering solar and green roofing systems as an ecologically efficient option. But unlike some other installation processes, Kalzip's AluPlusSolar, Solarclad and Nature Roof systems can be implemented within the existing framework. It's a particularly appealing approach for projects involving historically significant structures, allowing contractors to bring them up to code without stripping them of their charm.

The recently renovated branch of Suburban Bank & Trust Co. in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood was a building worth retaining. But its outward insulation was nonexistent, and the exterior walls and supports were outdated and inadequate. Knowing it needed a product that could revive the building's character without tearing down its body, SBT enlisted PPKS Architects, Glen Ellyn, Ill., which had used Kalzip's cladding systems for similar projects.

"Conceptually, this was a renovation of an existing structure," Mark Miszuk, PPKS associate principal, said in a press release. "It had been designed as a bank, so the interior was conducive to current needs, but the building had no outward insulation because it wasn't required when the structure was built. So we evaluated different options to create a new look and add insulation without modifying the interior. We decided to use Kalzip for the cladding system because it allowed us to design a great new exterior and add insulation without tearing down walls. It solved both aesthetic and technical challenges."

Completed in August 2007, the branch used 1,400 square feet of Kalzip's TF37/800R facade system, which is made from aluminum with a twin-triangular profile that creates a combination of light and shade on its shape.

About the same time, Kalzip began manufacturing recyclable panels in mass quantity at its Michigan City facility, making them available for construction projects and mounting purposes.

Expanding its services
A business unit under the Corus Group, London, and Tata Steel, Mumbai, India, umbrella, Kalzip has an array of options for projects designed to refurbish or for those starting from scratch. Because of this, the Kalzip facades and roofing systems are becoming increasingly common.

PPKS is discovering that Kalzip's products have long played a role in the sustainability and durability of European buildings and will be a valuable resource for deteriorating--but restorable--American structures.

"It was an innovative product that hadn't been commonly used in the United States," Miszuk said. "We thought it was just right for this smaller project."

Having broadened its influence from Europe to China, Singapore and the United States, Kalzip remains innovative, and its products continue to provide an upgrade to buildings both young and old. MM










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