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Tuesday | 23 February, 2010 | 7:42 am

Striking a balance

By Lisa Rummler

February 2010 - Durapon 70, a full 70 percent PVDF resin from Riverside-Calif.-based Dura Coat Products Inc., blends the seemingly disparate concepts of hardness and flexibility. It also provides long-term color and gloss performance, and it’s designed for hot-dip galvanized, galvalume and aluminum applications.

"This coating system creates a surface [that resists] installation scratching, scuffing, marring and transit abrasion and has the flexibility to handle [demanding] post-forming operations," according to Dura Coat’s Web site.

Science and history
PVDF, or polyvinylidene difluoride, is the paint system’s resin. This, in turn, is the strongest part of a paint, according to Kevin Ebert, vice president and general manager of Dura Coat’s Riverside facility.

He likens resin to the backbone of the paint system. Ebert also says Durapon 70, like all Dura Coat products, benefits from resin technology that’s proprietary to the company.

"The difference for Dura Coat is that we develop all of our own resins as opposed to going out and buying resins from resin manufacturers," he says. "That’s what we believe gives us an edge in performance and differentiates our technology."

Additionally, according to Ebert, Dura Coat has always been committed to continuously improving the technology behind its products, which stems from Dr. Myung Hong, who founded Dura Coat in 1986.

"He’s our spiritual leader when it comes to technology and knowledge of chemistry," says Ebert. "All of what we do comes at his direction relative to technology and making it work in the marketplace to give better coatings to the industry."

As such, Dura Coat’s business focuses on developing and manufacturing high-performance coatings that protect metal substrates.

The company also manufactures linear polyester coatings, urethane coatings and silicone modified polyesters. Its target markets include construction, HVAC, garage doors and screen frames.

On the map
Dura Coat monitors product performance and does accelerated testing. The company also does South Florida testing, which allows coatings to be tested in the area’s myriad weather conditions. All of its research and development laboratories are in Riverside.

Durapon 70 is manufactured there, as well as in Huntsville, Ala., where Dura Coat’s southeast division is. Dura Coat coatings are also sold internationally. Ebert says Dura Coat has licensees in Europe, Asia, Mexico and Canada.

Durapon 70 is also manufactured in metallics and for thick-film applications. In addition, it’s available in special colors--Ebert says Dura Coat can match any color and that the standard lead time on matching color is five business days and 10 or fewer days for manufacturing.

All Durapon 70 colors use cool pigments, which deflect ultraviolet rays. This helps cut down on energy consumption and reduce the heat island effect, which involves built-up areas being hotter than nearby rural regions.

"We’re very conscious of being environmentally friendly, and our Durapon 70 is available with high-solids technology," says Ebert. "Basically, what that means is it’s a green kind of [product]."

Accordingly, Durapon 70 complies with the Cool Roof Rating Council, Energy Star and LEED 29 standards, according to Dura Coat’s Web site.

Durapon 70 also can run on conventional coil coating line speeds, as well as high line speeds, according to Ebert.

"That’s significant in the fact that our Durapon 70 can run on any coil coating line," he says. "You have to be able to run under all coil coating line conditions, which we can."

Put to use
One company that has found success with Durapon 70 is Bruce & Dana Inc., Salem, Ore., a sheet metal shop founded in 1964. The company roll forms metal roofing and siding products for commercial and residential customers.

It also does a great deal of custom flashings for contractors, according to Mark Pallas, product consultant at Bruce & Dana.

He says that even though the term PVDF is relatively new to the industry, customers have started to become aware of the benefits PVDF coatings offer.

"As of now, architects are actually writing specific specifications for PVDF," says Pallas.

Bruce & Dana has used Durapon 70 since 2006. The company uses other Dura Coat offerings, but Pallas says Durapon 70 is the primary product for Bruce & Dana’s residential and commercial roofing products.

Specifically, Bruce & Dana uses Durapon 70 on its snap-lock standing seam metal roofing and a flush wall and soffit panel, as well as a commercial rib-exposed fastener panel, which is a 36-inch coverage steel panel with a 1.25-inch-high rib 12 inches on center.

All the products are made of G90 galvanized steel. The snap-lock standing seam features a concealed fastening system, anti-siphoning gaps and precise rib-snapping action, according to Bruce & Dana’s Web site. The stand seam and the wall and soffit materials have a thickness of 24 gauge.

"Ever since our first meeting [with Dura Coat], it’s been a really good win-win situation for both companies," says Pallas. "We had been looking for a cool-roof product about six moths prior to that, and we weren’t getting anywhere with our previous coil coater. And one day Kevin popped into our office, and we sat down with him and liked what he told us."

From there, Pallas says Ebert ran some test samples of Durapon 70 at Bruce & Dana, and the company representatives were pleased with the results.

"They came out the way we were looking for, so we went ahead and gave it a shot," he says. "The rest is all history." MM

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