Simulation tool helps AP&T’s customers make the right decision

August 19, 2016 - It is now possible for AP&T’s customers to get an exact picture as early as the tendering stage of how their planned production line will function and perform in an authentic environment. Using an advanced simulation program, AP&T’s technical sales team can visualize the production process and specify cycle times and production capacity with almost 100 percent precision.

Blending disc eases finishing applications in hard-to-reach areas

August 18, 2016 - Blendex U Turbo uses Blendex Unitized Technology, and was designed specifically to blend fillet welds as well as deburr sharp edges commonly found across industries such as automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, manufacturing and any fabrication environment.

Rocklinizer increases productivity and reduces cost

August 15, 2016 - The ROCKLINIZER Carbide Application Equipment deposits precise amounts of tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, and Rockhard electrode onto metals, tools, and dies to drastically reduce wear and to optimize gripping and maintenance.

Hybrid Multi-Tasking machine combines full 5-axis capability and additive technology to revolutionize product design

August 10, 2016 - The VC-500 AM Hybrid Multitasking Machine brings together Mazak’s considerable expertise in building Multi-Tasking machines, experience with fiber laser technology, additive knowledge and highly efficient Kentucky Mazak iSMART Factory manufacturing operations to produce this exciting new model at very competitive prices.

Global Shop Solutions releases moveable dispatch chart product

August 10, 2016 - As a new addition to Global Shop Solutions’ Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software, the Moveable Dispatch Chart enables adjustments to be made to the system-generated schedule quickly, efficiently, and accurately saving time on the shop floor.

Coolcut S-50 soluble cutting fluid enhances manufacturing and machining productivity

August 9, 2016 - The new Coolcut S-50 soluble cutting fluid from Walter Surface Technologies will improve the life of cutting tools and reduce heat buildup and friction on work pieces, even in tougher applications and on hard-to-machine metals.

Multiloc Metal joining technology

August 4, 2016 - Multicyl recently developed a new innovation expanding their capabilities – they have combined their MultiLoc metal joining technology using the patented BTM clinch tooling with the Unipunch tooling system.

Parts supplier helps support its process equipment with a Creform AGV

July 28, 2016 - Automotive/truck parts supplier uses AGV to handle moving production trays from the end of the line back to the start for reloading.

Jet Edge’s EDGE X-5 5-axis waterjet ideal for metal service center use

July 25, 2016 - Jet Edge’s EDGE X-5 5-axis waterjet system is designed and built for heavy duty industrial use in waterjet shops that demand lasting performance, precision and accuracy. The system is available in large format sizes up to 24 ft. by 13 ft., making it ideally suited for metal service centers.

3D tube cutting line combines highly accurate pipe & tube cutting with production automation

July 21, 2016 - TCL accuracy offers fabricators a cost effective alternative to expensive laser machines, while TCL automation provides fabricators the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing production volume and tight lead times.

WARDJet releases 5-axis router with 3 feet of Z-axis travel

July 19, 2016 - The system has been designed to accept a second 36 in. Z-axis with a 5X head, which will also have a 2.5 x 4.0 m cutting envelope.

Cordless hole puncher ideal for on-site, anywhere

July 14, 2016 - The new battery powered Hougen-Ogura Model 76000PR Punch-Pro Electro-hydraulic Hole Puncher is ideally suited for on-site hole punching where power is not available or hard to access.

Tube bender provides flexibility, accuracy and speed

July 12, 2016 - The E-TURN all-electric tube bender from BLM GROUP USA can bend a variety of tube configurations including round, square, rectangular, flat-sided, oval and elliptical. Tube can be automatically loaded, bent and unloaded all in one machine.

Koike introduces its fastest waterjet yet

July 11, 2016 - The K-Jet delivers cut speeds up to 500 ipm with standard cutting areas up to 72 in. by 144 in., and a table capacity up to 125 lbs. per sq. ft. (3 in. mild steel). Performance features include Hypertherm Hy-Precision 60,000 psi intensifier pumps, Flash-Cut CNC with built-in CAD/CAM, and Ebbco filtration systems.

Simonds Saw introduces bandsaw blades for steel grating applications

July 7, 2016 - The new BITEC PLUS blade, manufactured by Simonds’ partner WESPA in Germany, features a wide band in a variety of widths from 1.25 in. to 2.0 in., which provides maximum beam strength for higher blade tension and cutting rates, making it less susceptible to damage.

Topcut sanding disc removes more material, faster

June 30, 2016 - The new grain blend is designed for finishing applications on steel and stainless steel and offers maximized stock removal on any given surface.

Mid Rail Gantry waterjet system increases productivity

June 21, 2016 - Designed for heavy duty 24/7 use in industrial environments, Jet Edge’s Mid Rail Gantry waterjet is capable of operating up to four abrasivejet or water-only waterjet cutting heads for increased productivity.

Piping software delivers precision, cuts costs

June 21, 2016 - HGG Pipe-Cutting Machines, combined with new Acorn Piping Software, deliver precision shape cutting and beveling, while eliminating the time-consuming and costly need for operator calculation.

Flap discs yield excellent grinding and finishing results

A patented, proprietary design to PFERD, POLIFAN-CURVE offers a fast, productive and economical way to go from rough grinding to smooth finishing in a single step.

Kollmorgen offers natural navigation capability for AGVs

June 7, 2016 - With the addition of natural navigation capability to Kollmorgen’s NDC8 platform, the need for reflectors or markers to the existing environment for navigation has been effectively removed.

Stationary beveling machine suitable for processing plate and bar stock workpieces

June 2, 2016 - Saar-Hartmetall USA has announced the addition of a new stationary beveling machine to complement their existing line of equipment for weld preparation and beveling. The new machine known as the MMB 500, is suitable for processing small, medium and large aluminum, steel, and stainless steel plate and bar stock workpieces.

Centerless grinding wheels dramatically increase wheel life

June 1, 2016 - The newly developed Norton Century45 centerless bond platform features an exclusive chemistry that greatly improves grain retention in the wheel. Better grain retention means wheels are constructed with more porosity for a given hardness. This translates into wheels having a hard grade with the performance of a softer grade, providing a range of benefits.

Bandsaw adds moveable table

May 27, 2016 - The moveable material support table on the KASTOwin F 10.6 makes it possible to feed in and position heavy, bulky stock such as ingots, large tools or offset shafts easily and reliably.

Stacking cradle system offers a cost-effective alternative

May 26, 2016 - With the compact UNIBLOC stacking cradle system KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG is offering a cost-effective alternative for all storage needs when low to medium access frequencies are required and it does not pay to install a highly dynamic, fully automatic bar storage system.

Titan Tool Supply introduces new high-magnification measuring microscopes

May 24, 2016 - Titan Tool Supply Inc. announces the introduction of models TM-8 and TM-10 high-magnification measuring microscopes with Vernier micrometer heads for inspection of electronic and semiconductor components, metallurgical parts, plastic molds, electrical strips, and other industrial quality control applications.

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