Bandsaw delivers repeatable precise cuts

Once material is positioned and locked in place, the operator pushes a single button, the saw frame makes the cut at the preset rate, then automatically returns to clear the workpiece.

KTM contrast sensor

The KTM is a high-performance contrast sensor enclosed in a small, IP 67-rated housing that can be easily mounted and integrated into machines.

Cast Master XL band saw blade

Lenox launches Cast Master XL for superior performance in high speed aluminum cutting applications.

HotRod pyrometry sheaths

HotRod sheaths from Morgan Molten Metal Systems offer superior thermocouple protection and easy installation.

Standard Gantry Crane solutions

Customers can now easily design, price and order a wide range of gantry crane solutions to fit numerous applications by themselves.

Spindle Assessment Kit measures and interprets key operating data

The SKF Spindle Assessment Kit provides an easy way to measure and interpret key spindle operating data to help users detect developing problems before they can escalate.

Explosion-proof safety light curtains

Bringing safety into explosive environments

4-Runner tube bender provides max flexibility

The 4-Runner is a multi-function bender that consolidates four separate fabrication steps into one continuous process.

Heavy Lift Frame series

HLF series is powerful enough to handle heavy steel while being capable of de-stacking a single sheet of steel.

NeoBolt lockbolt fastener system

The NeoBolt lockbolt fastener system delivers vibration resistance and structural strength with no pin break.

HandyTec hand-held metal detector

The Eriez HandyTec Model HH-10 Hand-Held Metal Detector has the ability to pinpoint small pieces of ferrous contamination in shallow layers of nonferrous product.

Pipe belt finisher is ideal for blending and finishing applications

The tool is ideal for blending cylinders, sanding castings, cleaning welds and fabricating metal.

DTI Short Pulse Marx Modulator

Modular design eliminates pulse transformer.

AHS/AHM36 absolute encoder

Flexible, smart, and compact absolute encoder for multiple applications.

SMART products for the recycling industry

These advanced products were developed to monitor and report on frequently fluctuating measurements throughout typical recycling processes

Hyster announces new short wheelbase industrial lift truck

Suitable for applications such as steel manufacturing, concrete and lumber, the new models are designed to offer 30,000-33,000 lbs. of capacity with a shorter wheelbase.

PosiTector Replica Tape Reader

The PosiTector RTR series measures and records surface profile parameters using TestexTM Press-O-FilmTM Replica Tape.

Black Jack provides unrivaled airflow on the go

Arriving fully assembled, Black Jack is a plug-and-play air movement solution. Just roll it off the pallet, plug it in and cool down.

Analyzers enable reliable, accurate alloy identification

Oxford Instruments keeps on raising the bar for Positive Material Identification with the introduction of two new high-performance handheld XRF analyzers.

Airwisk efficiently controls compressed air usage

The BEX Airwisk nozzle produces a quiet, fast and concentrated flat-fan pattern of air that can help maximize cooling, drying and blow-off applications.

The second generation TruLaser Cell 8030

A multi-axis machine designed specifically for laser cutting hot stamped 3-D components.

Glare sensor reliably detects glossy objects

Quick configuration and flexible settings ensure accurate and efficient gloss detection.

Hole punch with power reverse punch feature increases productivity

The new Hougen-Ogura model 75006PR features a lightweight single body construction allowing the operator to punch holes in steel in as little as 4 seconds.

The E-Flex all electric CNC bending machine

The E-Flex an automatic single head, all electric CNC wire bending machine for simple to very complex three-dimensional bending of wire.

The EPOCH 650 digital ultrasonic flaw detector

The EPOCH 650 digital ultrasonic flaw detector combines industry-leading conventional ultrasonic flaw detection capabilities with the efficiency of a highly portable, intuitive instrument.

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