Mazak Optonics Corp.

The brand new Zeta-7 cutting head features breakthrough intelligent functions to automate and optimize the OPTIPLEX Fiber laser process.


Brand launches inaugural product, CircTech Precision CM for cutting carbon steels and mild alloys.

Marvel Manufacturing Co.

This new high production machine features a 9 in. maximum capacity on rounds and a 6.3 in. maximum capacity on squares.

Rousseau Metal Inc.

Rousseau Metal Inc. is proud to offer its "L" line of cabinets for use in many different applications.


Spherical Washers optimize bolt mounting of machinery and other critical bolted-joint applications by integrating unique design features for ideal performance.

Marvel Manufacturing Co.

This new heavy duty, high speed metal cutting saw features a 20 in. maximum capacity on rounds and a 20 in. by 20 in. maximum capacity on rectangular.


New line of band-saws comprises high cutting performance and short downtimes, designed for production sawing of solid material, tubes and profiles.

Engineered Material Handling

New lightweight AL System crane solves workstation requirements up to 2,000 lbs.

Fein Power Tools

Turbo II HEPA vacuum now certified as a HEPA System.


Increase machine control, motion capabilities, and EtherCAT system support with Kollmorgen Automation Suite.

CS Unitec

The Varilex WSF 1800 speed-controlled surface finishing and blending tool provides 25 percent more power and increased productivity.


Control for the FlatMaster parts leveler enables novice users to produce dead-flat, stress-free metal parts on the first try nearly every time by entering as few as two values: the material type and thickness.

Victor Technologies

Arcair “boot” design features a robust, secure power/air connection on its K-series torch cable assemblies.


Omax Corp.

OMAX Corp. and Spatial Corp. have combined their technologies to create what could be considered the market’s easiest-to-use 3-D tool pathing solution.

Waldmann Lighting Co.

MACH LED PLUS breaks new ground with bright, efficient LED replacement for fluorescent tube luminaires.


New Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) system designed for integration with CNC machines.

IMS Systems Inc.

IMS Systems, Inc. has developed an optical width gauge that uses the most advanced technology to measure edge crack, hole/pinhole and strip contour defects in cold processing environments.

Koike Aronson Inc.

The Klean Sweep is a self-cleaning cutting table that removes slag and scrap automatically during cutting operations.

Chemcoaters Inc.

Family of high-performance, corrosion-inhibiting coatings, used as stand-alone coating or hybrid pretreatment.

Flow Corp.

The HyPlex Prime represents the newest advancements in highly efficient, direct drive waterjet pumps

Forming Technologies

Multi-threaded forming and springback solvers, assembly tools for cost analysis, and continuous improvement tools for stamping simulation and costing.

Valspar Corp.

WeatherXL Crinkle Finish delivers the same durability as WeatherXL, but offers unique performance that you can see and feel.

NK Technologies

New power monitor can track power usage for a single piece of equipment, or an entire facility.


Long life, cost-saving 300 to 900 mm length industrial LED light strips for industrial task lighting.

Jet Edge Inc.

Centura Oil introduces downhole casing and pipe cutting system featuring Jet Edge ultra-high pressure waterjet technology.

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