Vibracon self-leveling, height adjustable chocks enable easy mounting of rotating machinery while curing Soft Foot.

Hougen Manufacturing Inc.

Magnetic drill pilot light increses visibility, productivity and accuracy.


Laser Plus is new generation of steels for laser cutting that comes with unique guarantees: maximum flatness deviation of 3 mm/m after laser cutting & bending radius of 0 -1.5 x the material thickness.

Banner Engineering

The XS26-2 platform was designed to easily adapt to diverse automation requirements and address a wide range of safeguarding applications.

Rousseau Metal Inc.

Modular and versatile 'L' cabinet offers the perfect configuration.

Pferd Inc.

SiC-COOL caps for cool grinding on titanium, aluminum, and common alloys, and CO-COOL caps for cool grinding on stainless steel, nickel, and other heat-resistant metals.

Sick Inc.

The G10 is a cost-effective sensor that can be mounted and aligned in less than 10 seconds, drastically reducing commissioning and installation time.


Atlas RIV949 hydropneumatic tool enables quick and easy vertical installation of blind threaded inserts.

Scotchman Industries

The new CPO 315 HFA-CNC cold saw is fully programmable so every cut length is fast and accurate, taking the Hitch Feed Automatic saw to a new level.


“Clamshell” horizontal coil coater designed for operator safety.


Newly developed hydraulic drives more energy efficient in use

Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments raises the bar on Positive Material Identification (PMI) with a new, high-performance handheld XRF analyser.

Omax Corp.

Intelli-MAX 21 elevates waterjet cutting to extraordinary levels of speed and performance.

Rousseau Metal Inc.

The L50 electronic lock is designed to simplify day-to-day tasks by providing quick access to the contents of your drawers without needing a key.

Flow International Corp.

Faster, smarter programming from FlowXpert 2015.

Steelmax Tools

The DBM50 self-propelled double-sided beveling machine is a perfect solution for metal fabricators looking to significantly improve productivity.

Steel Storage Systems

The Parts Tumbler has a hexagonal barrel that provides a lively action that removes slag and scale.


New tooling setup package accompanies all new roll form tooling orders.

CS Unitec

The MABasic 200 heavy-duty, single-speed portable magnetic drill has an 8.2 Amp motor and a no-load speed of 450 RPM.

Sick Inc.

AHS/AHM36 rotating connector and cable outlet provide flexible installation.


Model C370 A-NC cold saw easily programmed to control volume production work.

Engineered Material Handling

NOMAD is now available in overall widths up to 50 ft. and overall heights up to 25 ft., with capacities from 2 tons to 10 tons.


Sick Inc.

CLV600 series bar code scanners with IP 69K housing provide excellent read rate performance in challenging environments.

Mazak Optonics Corp.

The new SUPER TURBO-X laser-cutting system featuring Mazak’s new Preview 3 control.


Flexible new HGG MPC cuts pipes, square or rectangular tubing and flat plate profiles.

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