Pressing on // Equipment manufacturers adjust to uncertainty, prepare for the future

Healing power // An increase in fuel prices may move the needle for energy suppliers

Seeking sparks // Suppliers to electrical apparatus manufacturers switch between negative and positive conditions

On a mission // Defense manufacturers continue to innovate while keeping an eye on material costs

Stable build // Despite a couple of struggling market segments, construction maintains its overall growth

Possible plateau // The six-year growth streak may find a hill too tough to climb

Slow spin cycle // Demand for appliances weakens and the sales forecast depends on more home building

Blue skies ahead // New market opportunities and aging fleet augur steady growth

// A modest uptick won’t move the needle for capital projects, but suppliers aren’t in danger of having their strength sapped

Steady as she goes // Device makers grow despite challenges within the healthcare industry

Military mettle // Contractors look overseas for growth prospects

Road warriors // Truck builders don’t expect a steep grade for orders in 2016

Commodity crush // Surplus grains, ores and fossil fuels compel a pullback in machinery orders, but construction is still rising

Pipeline power // Lower oil prices mean different things for different regions

Shifting sands // Depending on the market segment, construction is either up or down

Upward bound // Steady air travel keeps production orders growing despite softness in market

Engines: still hot // Light vehicle production rates worldwide will continue to rise, just more slowly

// Although low pricing on metal products across the globe once inspired companies to stock up, there’s little appetite for risk peering into 2016

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