Metamation Inc.

Metamation Inc.
Rolling Meadows, Illinois
phone: 775/826-1717
fax: 775/826-1723

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Metamation is a world leader of innovative sheet metal CAD CAM software for most Profile Cutting and Bending machines. The software is powered through the continued development of their own core software modules (MetaCam, Enterprise and Flux) giving their customers a completely seamless, standard and easy to use environment to work in that can grow and adapt as business needs change, whilst ensuring they have up to date innovative software solutions for sheet metal manufacturing.

New Release – Next Generation CAD Import and Offline Bending

Flux is a completely new engine and interface, the whole essence is built around speed with enhanced accuracy for CAD file processing and bending. The FLUX engine has impressive support for multiple CAD formats without the need for OLE importing or plugins. Flux also has a brand-new offline bending engine which has a tremendous range of features to optimise tooling and sequencing along with additional setup, tool and optimised ergonomics for the operators handling the parts. The FLUX engine is not just powerful and fast, but simple and intuitive to use utilising Metamation’s new “Clarity” interface. #experienceflux

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