Rolleri USA

Rolleri USA
Avon, Ohio
phone: 440/835-2580

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Born in 1987 as a family-owned company, Rolleri SPA has become, in a few years, an important reference point for all those who deal with metal sheet bending. The combination of passion, dynamism, experience and research of new solutions have allowed the company to develop the brand internationally. Today the American market is completely covered by Rolleri USA, based in Ohio, who brought the same principles of quality, service and reliability, ensuring the best solutions for the needs of every customer all across the country. Rolleri is a leader in planning, development and production of press brake tools for the OE market and after-sales.



Every bending tool is manufactured in Rolleri’s production facilities. This enables us to guarantee high quality, repeatability and parallelism thanks to high-precision grinding. We use induction hardening at 54-60 HRc for all tools, which penetrates about .118 in. into the tool steel, to guarantee high wear resistance. Each tool is subjected to quality control and then provided with a serial number to guarantee its traceability. Rolleri is ISO 9001:2018 certified. Our CNC-Professional grinding machines guarantee high precision (tolerance of +/-.0004 in.), accurate parallelism and repeatability.