A Red Bud Industries Low Passline Slitting Line Is Installed in Mexico


A leading exporter, importer, and manufacturer of hand tools in Latin America recently installed a Red Bud Industries .105” (2.7 mm) x 60” (1524 mm) Low Passline Slitting Line in their Mexico State, Mexico location. This newly designed Low Passline Slitting Line has greatly improved their capabilities. The machine includes many of the features found on Red Bud’s other lines of Slitting Equipment, but it has a compact, floor mounted design that eliminates elevated walkway and platforms and greatly reduces the cost of foundation requirements. The system includes a traditional Packed Slitting Head. In addition, it features a Powered Push Button Tooling Exchange System that was designed to accept an automatic Tooling Setup Robot in the future. 

The Slitter has the ability to process Cold and Hot Rolled Steel materials with thicknesses ranging from .020” (.5 mm) to .105” (2.7 mm) at speeds up to 1000 FPM (305 m/min). A Traversing Tensioner Unit is used to carry the strips across the Loop. In addition to providing Hands-Free Push-Button strip threading through the line, the strips are also fed directly into the Recoiler’s Gripper Slot. The new line was also prepiped and prewired prior to shipping to minimize installation time and cost. In addition, the machine includes the latest, state-of-the-art safety guarding system.