DENIOS Impact Protection and Barrier Systems Safeguard Workplace Structures, Equipment & Personnel


DENIOS Impact Protection and Barrier Systems are a simple and intelligent way to avoid accidents and damage to workplace structures, equipment, and material handling tools, while safeguarding employees. They offer a comprehensive range of impact protection barriers and bumper protection systems to shield facilities and structures from damage during intra-company transport or loading and unloading. Safety barriers are available to protect against high-impact and low-impact collisions maximizing safety and minimizing potential damage. Technologies available include corner and wall protectors, rack protectors, post bollards and bollard covers, polyurethane foam protective bumper guards, retractable tape barrier systems, machinery and rack guarding, I-beam protectors, mobile expanding gates, and more. DENIOS impact protection barriers, traffic safety equipment, and drain equipment are ideal for use in manufacturing plants, process facilities, warehouses, and more.


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