BLM GROUP presents their new LS7 system

October 21, 2022 -BLM GROUP will present an overview of its complete solutions and comprehensive portfolio of software and services including our big announcement of our newest sheet metal laser cutting system. Visitors to the show will be the first in the US to see the LS7, the brand-new addition to the BLM GROUP line-up resulting from the company's most current technological research. Please join us at the show to learn more about the details of this new system. The BLM GROUP solutions will be on display at booth B7513.

With LS7 the following systems will be showcased at the exhibition:

LT7 – high-end Lasertube system and undisputed laser tube cutting benchmark

LT7 is the result of years of investments in technological research and the continuous development of innovative software and hardware solutions.

The machine is equipped with a 3 kW IPG laser cutting source, an automatic loading system for tube bundles of up to 6.5 m in length and an unloading system for tubes up to 4.5 m in length. The LT7 machine can process tubes from 12 mm (.5") to 152 mm (6.0") in diameter and up to 23 kg/m in weight (15.5 lb/ft), ensuring excellent process performance. From the smallest to the largest diameter, every adjustment is fully automated and even sections with “L”, “U” and other open profiles and flat bars are standard jobs, all processed in a fully automatic mode. The laser source allows great flexibility of thicknesses and materials, from 12 mm (.5") of mild steel to 4 mm (.15") of brass. 3D processing completes the framework of an extremely flexible system able to manage the widest array of applications.

The LT7 is an unparalleled, state-of-the-art solution designed to optimize productivity, quality, precision, flexibility, automation, and ease of use.


E-TURN - left-handed and right-handed inprocess tube bending machine for maximum shape versatility.

E-TURN is a highly versatile tube bending machine, with in the same cycle right-handed and left-handed bending direction of fixed or variable radius, in multi-radius mode. Suitable for every need. It can be equipped with up to 8 tools simultaneously and position the variable radius at any level. The E-TURN was created to meet the growing market demand for bending medium-to-small batches of complex, multiple shape tubular components of high-quality material. Particularly suitable for complex parts without straight stretches between bends. The high-quality standards of E-TURN are the result of the in-process material reaction control and the fully-electric management of the working parameters. Furthermore, thanks to B_Tools, ETURN compensates for elongation and springback during bending, to make the first part right with each new production. E-TURN is offered in different sizes for tubes up to 52 mm in diameter and is used in the furniture, automotive, motorcycle, aeronautic and plant engineering sectors, but due to its flexibility and speed, can be used in all sectors.


PROBEND – E-Series Press Brake, the benchmark of precision in sheet metal bending

Fully-electric press brake for simple or complex sheet metal bending. The patented Direct Drive Electric Motor maximizes efficiency, repeatability, and reliability as a result of its design, connecting the ball screw in direct synchronization with the torque motor. Besides reducing maintenance costs significantly, the absence of gear boxes eliminates backlash.

Available bending force options range from 44 tons to 276 tons, bed length options from 4 - 17 feet, and an easy-to-use numerical control and intuitive software. For deep box or special forming needs, the ProBend is equipped standard with height stroke of 8.5". It is offered with additional ram open/closed heights to provide the optimal height for your specific application and tooling requirements.


LT-FREE – 5-axis laser cutting system for any three-dimensional part

LT-FREE is a 5-axis laser cutting cell for processing three-dimensional parts such as bent or hydroformed tubes, pre-welded frames, flat and/or pressed and drawn sheets. It is equipped with a fiber laser source that enables the cutting of a large variety of metal such as iron, copper, aluminum, brass, stainless or galvanized steel. The machine can be configured with double working area consisting of two sliding tables with removable pallets which are automatically moved in and out the cutting area by the CNC. This solution enhances productivity and allows the operator to load and unload one side of the machine while the laser is cutting on the other side. As an alternative to the double working area, in order to maintains both maximum productivity and maximizes the working area dimensions, LT-FREE can be equipped with a large rotary turn table that allows for the loading and unloading operations on one side while simultaneously performing the 3D laser cutting on the other side. LT-FREE can also be equipped with single or dual handling robots for cutting tubular parts of any complexity with no rework or manual repositioning of the workpiece, thus avoiding work cycle interruptions and maximizing part precision.

Production flexibility is a key factor for LT-FREE. In fact the machine can be easily programmed offline with ArtCut.

Part of the BLMelements software suite: ArtCut is a powerful programming software that allows the import of highly complex three-dimensional profiles, guides the operator in the quick and effective off-line programming of the entire work cycle including laser and any robots and calculates the production time for a rapid quotation to the customer.

Once the program has been sent to the machine, any correction (including pre-setting technological options, changes to the program, management of the micro-junctions defined off-line) can all be performed by the operator on the machine’s HMI, without having to go back to ArtCut.

The wide variety of applications, multiple available configurations and the extreme production flexibility make LT-FREE the right production system for the motorcycle, automotive, agriculture equipment, industrial vehicles, aerospace, furniture, and many more sectors.

4-RUNNER – Tube straightening, end-forming, cutting, and bending machine, fully automated from coil to the finished parts

4-RUNNER is a fully electric highly configurable machine available with different modules for carrying out different in-line processes: straightening, cutting, fix or variable radius bending, with multi-stack right-hand and left-hand bending direction, end-forming and unloading of the finished part. 4-RUNNER is available in two different sizes. 4-RUNNER H1 for tubes up to 12.7 mm (.5") in diameter and 4-RUNNER H3 for tubes up to 22 mm (.87") in diameter which can each be equipped with Heavy end-forming modules with 6 fixed stages or 4 fixed stages and 1 rotary tool, or Light endforming modules with 3 fixed stages or 1 fixed stage and 1 rotary tool. 4-RUNNER machines are particularly suitable for the production of 2D and 3D serpentines with fixed and variable radius bending, that can be integrated according to the development of the design, in automatic sequence, all in one process, and without further operations. 4-RUNNER is available in two different versions: 

4-RUNNER H1 thanks to the lowered design of its bending head, is a system particularly suitable for flat and three-dimensional coils; typical components used in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems, and automotive and household appliances.

4-RUNNER H3 is particularly suitable for the production of fluid transport pipes with 3D complex geometries with typical application in automotive, air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, engines and industrial systems.


BLMelements: A complete software suite for managing your processing technologies

In parallel to laser cutting systems, BLM GROUP offers a suite of native software programs that makes the most of the power of the equipment to provide users with excellent work performance and robust process features for programming both on the machine and in the office.

VGP3D is the three-dimensional graphic programming software for BLM GROUP tube bending machines and wire benders. Simple, user-friendly and powerful, it is also available in an office version and allows the operator to create any tube shape or geometry with a few simple clicks.

Artube is the BLM GROUP CAD/CAM software for programming Lasertube systems to allow operators to draw, manipulate and design single parts or complex tubular assemblies of any section. Artube is the most complete CAD/CAM software that is both dynamic and adaptable to the customer’s specific needs.

ArtCut is the CAM software for programming 3D laser cutting cells for programming new parts offline and starting production quickly and easily. With its immediate and user-friendly 3D graphics, ArtCut simplifies the programming of any three-dimensional workpiece and automatically solves any collisions. The cutting program simulation is remarkably true to reality.

Partviewer runs a graphical simulation of cutting programs for Lasertube systems and estimates execution times and costs. Protube is production MES, a single interface for easy and transparent management of part programs for the main BLM GROUP machines.

Protube can be used to prepare technologically precise work orders in the office, to efficiently plan production, send production orders to the connected plants and keep track of all operations. It applies artificial intelligence strategies and data interconnection with the customer's corporate ERP. Protube is the key enabler for the evolution of smart Industry 4.0 applications.



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