Hand-held metrology grade 3D scanner provides freedom-to-measure

October 15, 2021 - API introduces the next generation of iScan3D Laser Scanner featuring improved optics and blue crossed laser lines for fast and accurate metrology grade point cloud generation.

Endura-Veyor announces metal scrap handling and conveyor solutions

October 13, 2021 - Endura-Veyor, Inc. offers a full range of material handling and conveyance solutions designed for transporting metal products and machining scrap during and after fabrication processes.

Cincinnati Inc. unveils compact and cost-effective fiber laser

October 12, 2021 - The CLi machine neatly occupies a spot in the CI product portfolio, ensuring users no longer need to count on contract manufacturing partners and mysterious lead times if they need laser cutting done.

New Norton Rapid Polish discs quickly, easily produce superior finishes

October 4, 2021 - Saint-Gobain Abrasives introduced new Norton Rapid Polish felt polishing discs featuring premium quality, pressed, hardened, thick felt material for quickly and easily creating exceptionally smooth surfaces with single digit Ra and mirror finish shine.

KASTOwin pro saws tough alloy in record time at Howat

September 27, 2021 - The metal handler, Howat, relies on the high-performance bandsaw KASTOwin pro AC 5.6 for processing special materials such as Inconel.

Combilift’s launches new XLE model

September 21, 2021 - In line with the growing demand for electric powered equipment, this multidirectional forklift with up to 5-ton (10000lb) lift capacity, combines emission-free operation with powerful performance for a wide range of industries and applications.

Thinbit expands offering of square angled toolholders

September 21, 2021 - THINBIT®, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company Inc., expands offering of SQUARE ANGLED TOOLHOLDERS. These toolholders are designed for CNC and conventional machines.

Pipe beveling machine sets up easily and cuts super alloys

September 14, 2021 - A portable, I.D. clamping pipe beveling tool that is self-centering and provides plenty of power and torque for aggressively cutting highly alloyed pipe has been introduced by Esco Tool.

Hypertherm introduces three new plasma systems

September 13, 2021 - Hypertherm announced three new air plasma systems called Powermax SYNC. Featuring built-in intelligence and a revolutionary single-piece cartridge consumable, this next generation of Powermax65/85/105 systems, is unlike any other plasma in the world.

IPG Photonics launches LightWELD 1500 XC

September 13, 2021 - IPG adds unique laser cleaning capabilities to the LightWELD handheld welder to provide fabricators better weld quality and simplified part finishing.

WARDJet introduces new M-Series waterjet for large format metal cutting

September 13, 2021 - The unique design allows for multiple head configurations on a single gantry. With the ability to park heads outside of the cutting zone, you won’t sacrifice the full cutting envelope to a single head.

AXYZ introduces new METALWORKER router for high performance metal cutting

September 13, 2021 - Fabricators looking to process nonferrous metals in low to high volume manufacturing environments will benefit from a standard list of great features that make the METALWORKER one of the best machines in the market today.

Automatic Feed Announces New PRO Series Coil Feed Lines

September 12, 2021 - These new press feed lines are aimed at Tier automotive suppliers who are processing UHSS, AHSS and aluminum for applications such as inner body panels and stamped parts, which are not surface sensitive or surface critical.

Cosen introduces the all new V-1824 Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw

September 8, 2021 - With vertical saw designs becoming more popular amongst fabricators, the 1824 takes Cosen's popular tilt-frame design and applies to a rigid, yet small, footprint.

Cincinnati Inc. introduces the CLX, an all-new fiber laser for high volume shops

September 7, 2021 - The machine was designed with an overarching question in mind: does this improve functionality in a lights out environment? With that end goal, CI’s best senior engineers and brightest young employees came together to build the machine from a clean whiteboard.

Starrett multi-purpose band saw blades last long and cut a wide range of materials and shapes

August 9, 2021 - The L.S. Starrett Company offers the newly positioned IntenssTM Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades for general purpose metal sawing of a wide range of materials and shapes.

Newly enhanced Norton BlueFire Abrasives cut faster, last longer

July 27, 2021 - Featuring a new, proprietary self-sharpening zirconia alumina grain shape and chemistry, and an upgraded resin bond for faster cut rates and durability, the new BlueFire R860 and R887D abrasive products provide exceptional performance on a wide range of materials in light to heavy-pressure applications.

Osborn adds 185 new honing tools to Novoflex portfolio

July 21, 2021 - Osborn has expanded its popular line of ATB™ Novoflex Honing Tools with additional abrasive grain sizes, abrasive types and diameters.

HGG announces first beam coping machine that also profiles pipe

July 20, 2021 - HGG’s new RPC 1200 Mk3 is the first beam coping machine with the capability to profile structural beams, angle bars, channels, square tubes, plates, T-bars, and bulbs; and a versatile new capability to cut and profile pipes too.

Major version update of Robotmaster robotic software now available

July 8, 2021 - Hypertherm announced the release of Robotmaster Version 7.4. This newly released offline robot programming software version contains several enhancements designed to further simplify robotic programming.

V-1824 takes Cosen's popular tilt-frame design and applies to a rigid yet small footprint

July 1, 2021 - Cosen introduced the all new V-1824 Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw to their product line, and to this year’s Fabtech line-up.

New gas management system utilizes data to attain maximum efficiency

June 22, 2021 - Harris Products Group has introduced DataSMART, a fully automatic switchover manifold system with monitoring, tracking and reporting capabilities that can control and maximize gas use and expenses.

KASTO expands the KASTOmicut saw series

June 22, 2021 - KASTO expands its KASTOmicut saw series with the AE 4.6 machine model to provide the user with a broader range of applications.

Greenkote announces advanced G5k anti-corrosion coating

June 16, 2021 - The proprietary new Greenkote G5k coating delivers a minimum of 5000 hours of corrosion protection in salt spray testing for metals, enabling it to meet ASTM Specification B117.

Versatile robot handles repetitive, dangerous work on press brakes

May 27, 2021 - Operating press brakes is a potentially dangerous part of metal part fabrication. To produce more parts of higher-quality without adding risk to workers, Acieta introduces the new FastBEND press brake tending robotic cell.

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