JM Steel Orders Braner/Loopco Slitting & Slit Coil Packaging Line for Sinton, TX, Coil Processing Facility


JM Steel has ordered a high-performance Braner/Loopco Shape-Correction Slitting & Automatic Slit Coil Packaging Line to be installed in JM Steel’s Sinton, TX, facility.  The new line is JM Steel’s 5th Braner/Loopco Slitter.  The new Sinton Slitter will have capacity to handle 80,000# x 78” wide coils with mechanical properties ranging to 100,000-psi (690 Mpa) in gauges to 1/4".   Production enhancing features include a  unique  Uncoiler that efficiently handles 20” ID through 32” ID coils, Entry Straightener, a Turret Head™ Slitter equipped with 3-heads that re-tool faster than any other style Slitter and exchanges in 60-seconds, a thin gauge Loop Doubler, Non-Marking Hydrostatic Tensioner, a CNC “Cluster Leveler” with capacity to shape-correct the entire gauge range, a Recoiler that efficiently changes between 20” and 24” ID coils in about three minutes, and Slit Coil OD Banding that is accomplished off line.  Additional features include Braner’s patented “ANDIAMO” “no-hands” automatic coil threading, factory remote control system trouble-shooting/diagnostics, and an Automatic Slit Coil Packaging Line with capacity to handle 15,000# x 80” OD coils.

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