Prospects for the plastic tube and pipe industry are favorable because these products are more in demand than ever. Plastic pipes and tubes have long been established in numerous applications such as infrastructure (supply and disposal, communication), residential building technology and in the industrial sector. The expansion of high and extra-high voltage power lines and the booming hydrogen market will give the industry a further strong boost

At Tube 2024, companies from the plastic tube and pipe sector will meet in the new Plastic Tubes and Pipes Area of Hall 1 in Düsseldorf, Germany from April 15 – 19, 2024 “to jointly shape developments on the market at a very early point in time,” according to Markus Hartmann, Managing Director at Kunststoffrohrverband e.V. - KRV (German Plastic Pipe Association). This will also make Tube 2024 an impulse provider in the plastic tube & pipe segment.

Heavy rainfall and droughts are high on the social agenda. According to the KRV, the plastic pipe industry has developed a number of applications in recent years to solve these challenges, which are already in use and will be in the future. These products and innovations of the plastic tube and pipe sector contribute to the realization of so-called “sponge cities”.

“Water management has become a key trend in the past few years and one that will continue to gain in importance,” emphasized the German Plastic Pipe Association.

In addition to managing extreme weather events, this also affects the traditional municipal supply of drinking water as well as wastewater disposal. The demand for refurbishment will remain high.

In demand for the heating transition and glass fiber networks

There is also growing demand for plastic tubes and pipes in the energy sector – a very wide field of application will be protective conduits for high- and highest-voltage lines but also for geothermal applications such as district and local heating. These companies will supply the matching tubes and pipes for the heating transition.

One of the fastest growing applications for plastic tubes and pipes is cable protection for the expansion of glass fiber networks. It is the plastic protective tubes for broadband cables that protect the networks against damage.

Developments in many industries lead experts to predict that plastic tube and pipe companies will have good opportunities to tap into new markets in the coming years.

Circular economy and green energy

However, the industry also focuses on its own resource-saving operations. “This includes the topics ‘Circular Economy’ and ‘Recycling’,” said the KRV. For almost 30 years, old pipes and tubes and pipe and tube sections have been collected, processed and reused as recyclate in new pipes.

The use of "green energy" has also become increasingly important for companies in recent years, as has the use of bio-based materials. The industry is therefore sustainably successful for many reasons.

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